Our process

We are all familiar with quality assurance and sample testing. These terms serve as reassurance for manufacturers and retailers.Businesses, and especially retailer’s, we want to ensure that our products and services we provide for clients are top of the line untarnished.
The quality of products is our top priority as we want to give our customers the best that’s why we take a good care in our jewellery quality assurance so all items we sell at our brand is up to high standards.
Lab testing and quality control is very important to us as we don’t want our customers to buy an item but end up realising it’s fraudulent, for example a ‘sterling silver’ ring that ends up being a base metal with silver plating.
Quality control involves testing units and determining if they are within the final product specifications. The main purpose of the testing is to check if it needs any corrections in the manufacturing process. It helps us meet consumer demands for better products.
A happy customer is a return customer, if the quality of our products are built to standards it will always bring customers back to us for more online sales which keeps our brand and the consumers satisfied.